Must make! Labels


For this weeks Must Make I’ve found these cool labels to make.
It’s an easy tutorial but gives a nice touch to your (Christmas) gifts.

Here we go!


Step one:

Draw a letter (or symbol or anything) on squared paper in a cross stitch.

Step two:

Tape the paper with some masking tape on the label  and punch the holes trough the label with a big needle.

Step three:

Cross stitch your yarn trough the holes to create your letter.
And your done!


Have fun making!!!

Images found on abouthenicethings

Must make! Leather folders

Hi all!

It’s a new month, for me also a new start on my blog. I’ve been away for a little while and rethought what I was doing. And trust me I still love blogging! But I did realise I need to step it up and take it to the next level, make it a bit more personal maybe.
Any suggestions are more than welcome!

So for this week I’m starting of with this cool Must Make!

This diy was found on design sponge. A really cool blog you need to check out!

To make these leather folders here’s what you need:

-rotary cutter
-two leather stitching needles
-waxed thread
-leather awl







For the full tutorial check out design sponge.

Have fun!


Hi all,

I’ve been on a lovely trip with my friends to the UK. You’ve probably noticed some weekly post missing but now you know why.


We’ve been to Southwold on the east coast of England. A tiny town with loads of beaches and beautiful sightseeing.


A real countryside where you can take a deep breath of fresh air and find some rest in your head. Especially for people like us that are from the busy city this was a nice release.



I’ve decided to take a good look at my blog and it’s stories by the time i got back, so that’s the plan for now. To see how to make stuff more interesting and more ‘me’.
See you really soon!

Must Make! Pompoms

Trees are turning red and yellow and leaves are falling off. It’s windy and grey outside but warm and cozy indoors.
Yep, autumn has officially started.
And I’m finding myself already thinking about Christmas wrappings and Christmas cards. I know, way too early!
But every now and then you can expect a wrapping idea on the must makes!

Today I’ve got some cool pompom making tutorial for you by vivid please.

Who knows, you might need it in a month or two! (Also cool for birthday gifts all year round!)